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Steven Tyler and The Loving Mary Band

I'm a longtime Aerosmith fan. My friend and former roommate, Bryn, even made a point of roasting me over my fandom in his speech at my wedding. I have an autographed shopping list with Steven Tyler's signature, which I acquired after wildly pursuing him down 57th Street in New York. I'm a fan. So imagine my delight when after weeks of travel, I popped into Twitter and saw the following post by Mia Tyler: 

So, I followed the link and got a box seat. His "Out on a Limb Tour" features a wonderful band called The Loving Mary Band. Ticket sales and an auction benefitted Mr. Tyler's charity, Janie's Fund.

Drawing Steven Tyler is fun, but not easy. His proportions are compellingly unusual and he's a very kinetic performer. I had made several semi-successful attempts at a likeness for a few projects when I was at Parsons. But, I had never drawn him live. So, I packed a small bag with art supplies.

I fed my dog, and drove to Linden to take NJTransit to the show.

When I left the train at Lincoln Center, I saw a lot of activity around a red carpet that led to the big event. I knew I was too late to depict anything good in the eye of the storm, so I camped out near the fountain and started drawing.

The rest of these drawings are from within the venue. It was a great show, with many great drawing opportunities. The box seat, in a traditionally classical space, provided a great angle.

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