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Show opened April 28th!

Morgan model

"Restoring a Past, Charting a Future" – An Artistic Discovery of America's Whaling Future by Dalvero Academy has opened in Mystic Seaport and it looks amazing. Over 200 pieces (prints, sculptures, textiles and stained glass), five videos and several books (physical and digital) – People who love whales, ships, navigation, animation and reportage art will find inspiration in this show.

24 artists (and 4 guest artists) connected strongly to the mission of restoring the Charles W. Morgan the last wooden whale ship in the world. Every artist found in the restoration of the Morgan a prism into their own histories and work. Work on the ship blends traditional and cutting-edge technologies – the art that it inspired, runs a similar gamut from figuration to abstraction, handmade to digital.

Panoramic view of the gallery

Reportage Panoramic

All throughout the Seaport, our work is viewable through your smartphone, in the places that inspired it. If you install the DalveroMystic Layer in your Layar app (for iOS and Android) you will see a layer of art, complimenting the great work of this living museum. Our augmented reality show, is the result of Dalvero artist Julia Sverchuk's amazing work (with an assist from Sander Veenhof).

It is truly inspiring to be a part of this show. The Seaport is beautiful and is a nice, cool place to visit in the Summer. Our show is going to be up for some time. Experience the Morgan, then visit our show, see it through our eyes. We are so thankful to Quentin Snediker and Mystic Seaport, for always opening new doors for us.

I am also personally blessed to have been invited to this show by my teachers, friends and fellow artists, Veronica Lawlor and Margaret Hurst – I love you both!

My wall

One more thing! I wholeheartedly endorse the series: VISUAL HISTORY: The Artist as Reporter by Daniel Zalkus on Leif Peng's excellent Today's Inspiration Blog:

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 P.S. I'm not alone in celebrating the memory of our teacher Dave Passalacqua. Love and miss you.