Alex Charner
Alex Charner Art & Communication

Bowes Academy – Short Film – 2012

Summer-Fall, ​2012


Bowes Academy (teaser) tells the story of Daniel. A conservative, high school freshman who is in the closet. His values and ambition, lead to his acceptance to an exclusive boy's prep school (Bowes Academy). But Bowes has a dark secret. Will Daniel sacrifice happiness for power?​

​My work on this short film began in the Summer of 2012. My fiancée, Cara Consilvio was the film's Producer, and recommended my work to Director, Greg Emetaz of MINORapocalypse.

​I worked closely with the Director. Storyboarding his vision of the opening scenes and designing the school's logo, and crest; as well as it's variations throughout the project. I also assisted on several aspects of the film's Kickstarter campaign and select projects with the film's Art Director, Kate Rance.

Bowes Academy, once you get in, you can never come out.​